Rice Cooker Pancake

Rice Cooker Pancake

Last week I came upon a post at Rocket News 24 about cooking one big pancake in a Japanese rice cooker. Yes, you read that right – a rice cooker. I really didn’t believe it unless I tried it for myself and I told several of my friends that I was going to attempt it on the first opportunity I got. I figured the worst that could happen was that it ruined my rice cooker and I’d have to buy another.

Rice Cooker Pancake

It turns out that I don’t have to buy a new rice cooker and the giant cake-sized pancake is amazing. Making this breakfast treat really is as easy as mixing up packaged pancake batter, pouring it into the pot of a rice cooker, and hitting the start button. Ding – the pancake is served!

Rice Cooker Pancake

As soon as I heard the bell on my rice cooker go off, I opened the lid, and my prized awaited. It really turned out better than I expected and I’m already looking forward to trying variations with fruit, chocolate chips, and maybe even green tea powder.

Don’t be afraid of using your rice cooker to make a pancake; it works great and couldn’t be easier!

Rice Cooker Pancake
Inspired by Rocket News 24
Makes: 1 pancake, Difficulty: Beginner


  • prepared pancake mix according to package (I mixed up batter for 6-8 people)
  • Add ins such as: chocolate chips, berries, cinnamon, bananas

Prepare pancake mix according to package instructions. Pour into the pot of your rice cooker and hit the start button. Done.

As with making a pot of rice, the pancake should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to cook. Once it is complete, open the rice cooker and the pancake will be ready.

  • NOTE: Be careful not to fill the pot too high. Doing so can cause the top of the pancake to fuse with the lid and will make it difficult to open.


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