Honey Whiskey Caramel Sauce

Honey Whiskey Caramel Sauce

My favorite time of year has finally arrived! Like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, I feel like running through a field while belting out a couple of lines about the hills being alive with the colors of autumn. I know, I sound a teensy bit crazy.

About a month ago I began daydreaming of all the pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple creations that I could be baking and, of course, eating. It’s sort of ironic that the very first thing I made after September 23rd was not pumpkin, spice, or anything apple, but caramel sauce.

Honey Whiskey Caramel Sauce

Not just any ordinary caramel sauce however, but Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey caramel.

The most difficult part of this recipe is having patience. Patience to let all the granulated sugar melt into a deep golden brown color and then constantly stirring the cream to combine into the initial hardened caramel for a smooth sauce. Not to mention the will power to not eat it straight out of the pan.

Honey Whiskey Caramel Sauce

If you have a little bit of time, this caramel has an amazing buttery, creamy, and boozy flavor that is well worth it (you’ll want to make a double batch for sure!). It’s the perfect topping for ice cream, bread pudding, or any of those pumpkin and apple desserts of fall. Or if you’re like my dear friend J, you’ll want to eat it straight out of the jar because it’s that tasty!

Honey Whiskey Caramel Sauce
Adapted from Mountain Mama Cooks
Makes: about 1 cup, Difficulty: Beginner


  • 2/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

Over low heat, cook sugar in a dry heavy saucepan, tilting and swirling the pan until the sugar is melted and a pale golden brown.

Cook caramel without stirring, swirling pan, until deep golden brown. (this took me about 20 minutes)

Remove pan from heat and gradually pour cream into sugar (mixture will bubble and steam), stirring constantly. Return to heat and simmer, stirring, until hardened caramel is completely dissolved. Add butter and cook, stirring, until just incorporated.

Remove from heat and stir in whiskey. Serve warm or let cool to room temperature and refrigerate until ready to use. When ready to use, bring back to room temperature or rewarm.

  • NOTE: Try this recipe with bourbon or your favorite whiskey. This will keep well under refrigeration for a few weeks.


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